A Fun and Active Sukkot

by Sarah on October 12, 2009

Right after the first day of Sukkot my husband left on a business trip leaving me with three super charged and energetic boys for the week and I knew I had to take them out of the house.

First we went to Bet Guvrin National Park, an archeological site with ancient man made caves in which dovecotes were dug out in the soft limestone.

I planned a little picnic of vegetables, pita and labneh which my boys refused to eat; they wanted to climb trees.

Carob, olive and fig trees grow throughout the area and within one of them Alon found this:

We then met my brother in the British Park near Bet Shemesh and his idea of an outdoor meal definitely met with more enthusiasm. Hotdogs!

We took the children on a little bug safari walk and searched for creepy crawlers, always an attraction for both my boy and my nieces. We found spiders, ants and Olympic jumping grasshoppers which my beautiful niece grabbed and put in a can. “It will jump out”, said her Mom.  “No it won’t, I broke its legs off” replied daughter calmly. Girls being girls, the younger niece found a broken shell which she put on her finger like a ring.

The following day we went to Lachish vineyards for a small guided trip. Between May and June the grape leaves are thined to help increase grape production and during this time I was invited to pick as many leaves as I want.

We picked table grapes, saw how they are dried in the sun to form raisons and finally the children squashed grapes with their bare feet in a demonstration of how wine was once made.

Discussing favorite grape varieties and their flavor profiles

This of course was not enough to tire them and I ran off after them to the ancient Lachish site right outside the moshav with ruins that date hundreds of years before the time of Masada.

Now I am ready for a real vacation.

This is my brother, Ariel who refused to do a publicity photo. He owns and runs Bike Shemesh and gives guided mountain bike tours,  as well as bicycle repairs and rentals.

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Karen October 13, 2009 at 12:07 pm

Oh these are such beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great day :) I love the bug! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your story.


yael October 14, 2009 at 1:36 am

what pretty pictures! seems you had lots of fun. didn’t do anything concerning Krete yet, but soon. have a great day!


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