Spice up your Life in Nazareth

by Sarah on February 2, 2010

turmeric roots (yellow) and Indian barley (black)

In these days of scientific clarity, information overload and hitech revolution the spice store seems to be the only place which retains a bit of mystery, the scents emanating from within suffused in history and folklore. Selling herbal medicines, incense, wild herbs, spices and dried fruits the Galilee Mill holds the aura of the past, in the ancient stone building in the heart of the old city of Nazareth. It is owned by the Elbabour family, who have been in the business for three generation and have extensive knowledge of the local plants and their uses.

Tony Kanaza, Manager of Elbabour, Galilee Mill

Ma'amoul molds

The modest entrance to the store with bird flying in

zaátar, broadbeans and nigella seeds

mortar and pestle

The labyrinth of narrow passages and ancient buildings where the spice store is located is the backdrop of modern life in Nazareth, with churches and mosques competing with each other for Nazareth’s skyline.

Mosque overlooking the shuk

Church of St. Gabriel, Orthodox church

At the entrance to the Synagogue church, still decorated with Christmas colors and thought to be built on the remains of the synogogue Jesus attended

Entrance to the Synogogue church from the shuk

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