Fresh Lemonade! Ice Cold Lemonade! Only 3 Shekels a Cup!

by Sarah on July 11, 2010

Friendly people of the neighborhood

Old Fashioned Lemonade and an Old Fashioned Summer

Several months ago my oldest son decided to open up a cookie business called “Sweet Ideas”. He baked batches of chocolate chip cookies and wandered around the neighborhood with his friend Gal trying to sell his goods. It wasn’t going as well as expected so he printed out dozens of flyers and pasted them all over the city.

A few days later there was a knock on the door. A man was standing outside with my son’s flyer in his hand.

“I am from the municipality, is this yours?” he said in an official voice. Unable to lie I told him it was.

“It is illegal to hang flyers and if it is done again you will be fined”.

“Since you’re here, do you want to buy any cookies?”, I asked.

I had to relay this information to my son Alon who was angry that he was too young to be hired, then only ten and couldn’t even advertise around his own neighborhood.

Undaunted, this summer he decided to open a lemonade stand with his younger brother, Uri. On the first day of vacation they built the cutest stall you have ever seen, complete with wheels and a lopsided sign. After trying several locations he decided to stick close to the local grocery. “I buy all the lemons from him so it’s a good deal for both of us”, was his logic.

The first two days didn’t go so well but the local vegetable vendor and grocer gave my sons some business tips

“Come when it’s hot, not so early in the morning”

“Add water to the lemonade, it’s too sour”

“Dilute with ice, lemons are expensive this season”

This weekend he built another stand and lacking additional wheels put it on a skateboard and wheeled it to the second location, near the vegetable market. Each brother manned their own stall while another friend rode his bike between the two of them to relay information. Today another three friends have joined the operation. For them this is more fun than any camp could be.

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