Things Are Disappearing From My Kitchen!

by Sarah on October 13, 2010

Things are disappearing from my kitchen and lately it has been getting worse- bowls, thermometers, measuring spoons, spatulas and entire pots vanish, completely. You see, the kitchen is not my private territory anymore; it has been taken over, not only by my growing and independent children but something else that has been incubating within the confines of my house.

What’s going on? A startup. My husband has left his job several months ago to construct weird things from knickknacks around the house.  His idea is developing like an embryo, but of a completely new species. Each day there is another fantastical addition to his prototype-a discarded baby’s crib, pieces of Lego, kitchen utensils, a laundry basket, measuring spoons, wooden puzzle…The project is fueled mostly by imagination, innovation and a constant supply of black coffee until late into the night. So, what is he making? Well, that’s top secret (you can guess of course).

solar oven

solar oven

Meanwhile, learning from their father, Uri and Alon, my two eldest, have been trying to build a solar oven with a few of their friends. For this they swiped my saj (upside down wok for baking flat bread), the aluminum foil, my pasta pot and a couple of eggs. It didn’t work very well and a day later they needed to be reminded gently to clean the “friggin’ mess!!!” of spilled egg yolks all over the patio floor.

So it’s not surprising that I often scurry about in the kitchen, not finding what I am looking for. While I just want to bake a batch of cookies, the others have bigger plans.

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