Fennel, Apple and Pomegranate Salad

by Sarah on November 21, 2010

pomegranate, fennel and apple salad

Pomegranates begin to ripen by the end of summer and fennel is at its best in winter.  During autumn the stars align and both are available to make this simple yet wonderfully refreshing salad.  The pomegranates not only add a sophisticated visual appeal but are also pure fun to bite into. Or as my son described so eloquently “oooh!”

2 fennel bulbs, julienned (cut into thin strips, but not that thin)

2 apples, julienned

seeds of  half of a large pomegranate

Juice of ½ a lemon

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon citrus honey

Combine the fennel, apple and pomegranate seeds. Whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil and honey and pour over the fruits. Mix well.

pomegranate at outdoor market

While trying to describe pomegranates I realized that everything I wrote sounded contrived or clichéd.  I asked my twitter friends if they could help me and this is what they came up with. Please add your own glorious bits of pomegranate poetry.

@yaelsr: red? full of anti-oxidants? A famous natural anti-cancer drug? Don’t know, only clichés as well

@lisaiscooking : seeds like shining, flavor-jewels ? too much?

@dejerusalem : Crowned fruit. Purple on the outside. Inside, millions of juicy blushed pearls. Condensed flavor in a shell! (108cha inclspaces)

@onetiredemma: that’s difficult! small red juice-filled pods doesn’t compare to ruby jewels bursting with tangy goodness :)

@slolee: Pomegranate: Aethestically and logistically confusing to a non-local but totally worth the hassle.

@foodbridge: Pomegranates: Ruby red starbursts of pure delight?!?

@morrisgrass: Like tasty rubies shimmering upon a delicious satin pasta gown

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