Macarons- Clouds and Orange Zest

by Sarah on November 26, 2010


Macaroons with orange zest


Jamie and Deeba have a fun little project going on over at Mactweets bringing together macaron lovers around the world. Anyone who can bake a mean batch of macaroons can participate. I learned the hard way that this is a very exclusive club as there are more pitfalls in making these finicky cookies than I ever thought possible. 

Let’s see, my first attempt wasn’t a complete disaster until I bit into one. Apparently I had used powdered sugar that was stored near my baharat spice (Arabic spice mix) making all of my cookies taste like meatballs. My kids wouldn’t eat them. 

 I continued to marvel at the multicolored puffs of heaven  and decided to buy a pastry bag and liquid food coloring especially for this project. A mistake.  Instead of sunny yellow,  the food coloring turned the  batter grey. It looked disgusting so I added more, drop by drop until the batter had the consistency of a milk shake. It was impossible to pipe them and I ended up making a macaron sheet cake the color of a dead fish. My kids wouldn’t eat them. 

I had it with macarons. But Deeba (she’s the baking Queen) told me she tried more than twenty times! Wow.  With that little motivational pep talk I wasn’t about to give up. 

The theme of this month’s Mactweets Mac Attack are autumn flavors.  In Israel, November was unusually warm and there was nothing remotely autumn about it. Everyone is hoping for rain so I left my macarons white to represent the clouds we all desparately need. I also added orange zest to the white chocolate ganache filling since it is the beginning of citrus season . That was the plan but my oven was too hot and the cookies turned slightly yellow instead of  fluffy white.  Perhaps they look like clouds in an autumn sunset? 


Anyway, it was almost impossible to photograph them with three boys hovering over the cookies waiting to snatch them. 

I used Jamie’s basic recipe with a citrus twist in the white chocolate ganache (100 grams heavy cream, plus 100 grams white chocolate and a tablespoon of orange zest). 


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