Surviving Global Warming-How to Make Homemade Butter

by Sarah on November 15, 2010

It is a sad thing, this global warming.  I should not be getting sun burnt while taking a five minute walk in November. It’s hot outside, not pleasantly warm, but sweating like a hog hot. It’s terrible.

 Malaria mosquitoes, introduced from warmer climates, have made themselves at home. The migrating birds are making lazy circles in the sky, wondering if they really need to fly all the way to Africa. Ants are up and about, raiding my pantry like it’s the middle of summer. They should be deep in their nest hibernating, or whatever it is they do.  

The heat has also hit the dairies of Israel, the major one being Tnuva.  Cows are unable to produce enough fat in their milk because of the continual heat- induced stress. No fat=no butter.  There are alternatives to butter in cooking and baking but for Adi Frishman, who makes croissants for a living (the best in Israel in my opinion) these perfect summer days are a disaster.

Until now I could easily ignore the signs of global warming. It was far away at the poles and the icebergs were not dripping on my floor.  It didn’t bother me. But losing butter is more tangible, something I am constantly reminded of. If someone is still skeptical about climate change, please come with me to the local super market.

Homemade Butter in Five Minutes


Pour heavy cream (at least 38% fat) in the bowl of a stand mixer and whisk on high until the cream curdles and the fat separates from the liquid. Strain the curdled cream using a fine sieve. Use the liquid for your coffee and store the solids, the butter, in the refrigerator.

No pictures today as my computer died and with it all my pictures.(:-O) I am borrowing a computer for the meanwhile.

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