Another Year, Bigger Appetites

by Sarah on January 2, 2011

palmach beach winter israel

New Year's day walk on the beach at Palmachim

I will always remember 2010 as the year I became overwhelmed with cooking. It feels like I am running a little boutique hotel, except the guests are totally out of control. They practice judo in the middle of the living room and let the mud coated dog into the house. Who taught them such manners?

And while I was sleeping they have quadrupled their appetites, eating as much as full grown lumberjacks. No, no I can’t complain but sometimes I do want to spend my afternoons at a quiet café where somebody else does the dishes.  Somebody else? That was me the summer I worked as a dishwasher at a wedding hall, with 12 hour night shifts and backbreaking work. We were invisible, just menial laborers doing leftover jobs. I didn’t last long there but will always remember the people I worked with, the ones who truly deserve respect.

So 2011 is a good year to teach my boys a bit about real life. After all there is no better way to learn about hard work than actually doing it.

2010 wasn’t only about household chores, although there was plenty of that. It was also a time that I connected to some wonderful people over the internet, some of whom I listed on my favorite food blogs and cookbook list. I also would like to thank guest bloggers who took the time to write for this blog:

Yael Segal Ruder wrote a few articles on Gluten Free Dining in Israel for those looking for the alternative to pita sandwiches. Yael writes the blog Hope it Will Rain, about her adventures in Israel and abroad.

On the flip side Roni Hefetz wrote about his search for the best pizza recipe and finding it in Napoli (of all places). It is a great comprehensive guide for making a wonderful pizza.

One of the most beautiful posts of this blog, Cape Verde, Islands at the Edge of the World was contributed by Johnny Prais. I would love if he contributed more guest posts like this but he started his own blog called The Halachic Traveler, a site full of practical information, tips and stories for the Jewish wanderer.

And now for a few updates and summaries of this year.

  • This year I contributed to Expat Harem, a multi-author blog managed by Anastasia Ashman, which explores cross cultural experiences. I wrote two articles for the website; Dress Like a Local and No Ethnic Joke. I also contributed a post about how to stuff grape leaves on Nisrine’s Moroccan food blog, Dinners and Dreams. I was also interviewed by Hannah Katsman on her Cooking Manager blog.
  • I have joined a group of Israeli food bloggers who regularly write food and restaurant reviews as well as participate in food related workshops and tours. These events are usually fully paid for by the restaurant or company in return for writing a blog article. This is an effective and inexpensive way for these businesses to advertise and a great way for bloggers to network. I started a new blog called Views and Reviews for such write-ups and have disclosed when I am being hosted or given free samples.
  • I created a facebook page for this blog for those interested in updates via this format (please “like”). It is also possible to subscribe via RSS or receive email updates (see sidebar).
  • I joined Blogher Advertising Network.
  • This year I took a food photography workshop with Daniel Lailah. I learned plenty of tips on both photography and food styling but because of lack of time I can’t always implement them. Which is good, actually, otherwise I would be arranging parsley sprigs all day just for the artistic variation. I have two new lenses, a Sigma 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens and my birthday present, Nikkor telephoto zoom lens for Nikon (Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2011

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