Blog Birthday and a Video

by Sarah on February 20, 2011

rome skyline

I loved being a tourist in Rome, eating gelato and basking in history and culture. We wandered the cobblestone alleys, immersed in the sound of flowing Italian, like extras in a romantic movie.  Lunch was always spaghetti and the wine only Italian (we were there for just four days, not enough time to get sick of it).  At home I dreamed of going back, imagining myself sipping espresso on the bank of the Tiber.  Instead I read Eat, Pray, Love wondering why in the world the author decided to leave such a wonderful country to wash floors in an ashram.

I never did get back to Italy. Then last week I received a call asking if I wanted to create a short video on pasta for a competition. No, of course I didn’t. “Winner goes to Italy!” she quickly added before I could hang up. Hmm, this changes things a bit. I will sell my soul to get back to Italy so I agreed.

With the help of my friend Yael Segal-Ruder, who I now call Spielberg, we went into action to create our first video ever. It also happens to be my 2nd blog birthday this month, so if I may ask, please hop over to see my video (winner is the one with the most views so share it with all your friends).

My Pasta Video
(with a surprise ending)

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