Green almond and orange salad

by Sarah on April 11, 2011

orange and green almond salad

After the Mardi Gras of pink and white blossoms, fuzzy green almonds quietly emerge. For a short time, towards the end of the strawberry season and before the plums, they can be found in outdoor markets around the country. Immature almonds can be eaten in their entirety but the outer layer hardens quickly to protect the developing embryo within. At this stage, the fruit can be pried open with a blunt knife to reveal a nearly liquid seed. That’s the taste of spring.

almond blossoms

green almonds

Green almond and orange salad

2 oranges, sliced into bite sized pieces

2 green almonds, very thinly sliced.

Drop of orange blossom water

Teaspoon of powdered sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and serve immediately since the almonds tend to darken after they are cut. If you want an even stronger orange flavor add a sprinkle of orange zest.

almonds at the souk, outdoor market

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