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by Sarah on October 11, 2011

The best carrot fritters in the world!!!

The friendly folks over at Turkey’s for Life asked me to do a seven links post but the lazy days of summer took hold and I promptly forgot. Shulie of Food Wanderings  and Zora of Roving Gastronome reminded me. So here it is:

Your most beautiful post: As much as I love food photography, I consider my most beautiful posts those that also include landscape and outdoor markets. Food and Views- Republic of Macedonia’s Mountain Cheese is one of those posts as is The Tiberias outdoor market, not what you expected. 


The post whose success surprised you: Besides the carrot post (below) I would say Ingera, Ethiopian flat bread. I didn’t think there would be an interest in a food uncommon in most parts of the world.

Your most popular post: From all of my posts The Best Kurdish Carrot Fritters in the World gets the most attention. Perhaps I should use superlatives and explamation marks more often.


Your most controversial post: I try to steer away from controversy but there are always those who will speak their mind as in my post about Baklava. So much for baklava diplomacy.


Your most helpful post: I’d like to think that olive curing got a lot easier after writing The lost art of curing olives.


A post whose success surprised you: Pancakes! The Tastiest Way to Eat Cottage Cheese. Who knew so many people were interested in cottage cheese.


The post you feel didn’t gets the attention it deserved: A year of olives is a personal essay which I hoped would start a conversation.

The post that you are most proud of: Two actually, A recipe of a wandering Jew and Kurdish flat bread and unusual connections. These essays combine culture, family and some of my fondest food memories.

Finally (not part of the 7 links), please visit the Jew and the Carrot to read my article, The roots of lentils, with a recipe for lentil soup.

My nominations:

Katherine Martinelli

Eating Asia

The Winter Guest


Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino





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