Global French fries

by Sarah on June 11, 2012

french fries with bulgarian feta cheese, sirene

Drenched in ketchup, drizzled with vinegar, dusted with seaweed, dipped in hummus, dunked in gravy and curds, French fries are truly an international food with a local twist. These ubiquitous fried potatoes transcend borders, both exotic yet recognizable across the world.

cutting french fries, pomme frite

I have created the ultimate intercultural French fry trivia quiz. If you’d like to test your knowledge on this iconic street food, match the city to their favorite accompaniment. The prize for answering correctly? Bragging rights- you can say you are a French fry connoisseur. Bonus if you add your own regional variation in the comments below.

  1. Quebec           A. Hummus
  2. Tokyo             B. Grated white cheese
  3. Tel Aviv          C. Vinegar
  4. London           D. Double fried and salted
  5. Brussels          E. Spicy tomato sauce
  6. New York        F. Hot mustard, ketchup, mayo and bits of hotdogs
  7. Sofia               G. Masala spice mix and cilantro
  8. Lima               H. With seaweed
  9. Bombay          I. Gravy and curds (aka poutine)
  10. Barcelona       J. Ketchup
  11. Paris               K. Curry ketchup

french fried potatoes, bulgarian feta cheese

I also asked the friendly twitterverse how they ate their fries and these are the answers I received.


HP sauce… The best… Or plain brown vinegar


I love using malt vinegar on my fries! But, sometimes I’m old fashioned and use the classic Heinz ketchup.


grated Bulgarian feta!


Ketchup and Tabasco is the favorite combination.


mayo or hummus


dijon mustard, if w steak. If on their own, mix of sriracha and ketchup.


favorite sauce is for sure mayo harissa… Otherwise fries with cheese, gravy, bacon, Merguez and caramelized onions is classic


Abroad: Often nothing, occasionally ketchup if it’s available and any good. In U.S.: usually ketchup, sometimes nothing.


ketchup! Hot Chili Sauce! Sometimes spicy mandarin chutney!


I said ketchup and mayo yesterday. In the US, I loved melted cheddar and sour cream on ‘em!


ketchup and mayo :)


Update on the Israel Trail

It’s hard going on the Israel Trail with the summer heat thickening our step.  We arrived in Park Britannia, about 40 minutes from Tel Aviv, with views much tamer than those from the south. I’m not sure when our next outing is going to be but hopefully we’ll manage to creep along until the temperatures have dropped to more normal levels.  Until then, here are some pictures.

israel trail, views

Caves and ruins on the Israel Trail

onion flower

Wild leek species (Allium), Allium ampeloprasum

swallow tail catepillar

Old World Swallowtail catepillar (Papilio machaon) on Pituranthos tortuosus, a wild herb that smells like dill

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