Carrot cookies for stormy days

by Sarah on November 24, 2012

carrot cookies, stormy sea in israel

It’s raining here in Israel and I have a bad cold.  After the previous week of unremitted stress, it feels like a holiday. Ordinary problems- a leaky faucet, the morning school rush, lost keys- they are all a joy.  Yet sometimes I wish I was off the grid, living in a small town in New Zealand, pondering the weather and dreaming of adventure. That’s what keeps me sane. That and those who took the time to send their thoughts my way. Without them, I’d feel isolated, an ant under a child’s magnifying glass.

carrot cookies

carrot cookie

When there are days like that, I’m in the kitchen trying to bake the troubles away. Nothing fancy, just enough to fill the house with warmth….to keep it afloat in normalcy. Chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies are my standbys but sometimes I search the internet by ingredient and use the first recipe that comes up.

That’s how I came up with these carrot cookies, more a sweet breakfast than a dessert- dense, chewy, with the autumn scent of cinnamon and crunchy walnuts. I’d omitted the white chocolate chips but otherwise followed the Tastespotting recipe verbatim. Serve them with a tall glass of hope and optimism.

carrot cookies and beach

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