The Israel Trail- Herzliya to Netanya

by Sarah on January 24, 2013

israel trail, Mediterranean Sea

{Above: Hof Hasharon (Sharon Coast) National Park, north of Herzliya }

As some of you may know, our family is walking the Israel Trail. Last March my husband and two eldest traversed the Ahava and Negev Desert, a 480km hike from Eilat to Lachish. My youngest son and I joined on the 7th day, bringing freshly baked lachmajun, chocolate chip cookies and a lemon (my son eats them like apples, peel and all).  During the Succot Holidays last October the trail took us through the coastal plains, along the Yarkon River and into Tel Aviv.  Since then school, work and sleety-rainy days have gotten in the way but now we are back where we left off- the Mediterranean Sea.

fishman Israel

{Above:Fisherman at Poleg Beach near Netanya}

mediterranean sea life guard station

sea, Israel

{Above: Looking down, Hof Hasharon National Park}
Above: Field of dried Solanum near Arsuf

girl and sea, israel

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