Visiting the Judean Desert

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According to Friedrich Nietzsche   “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I think that’s nonsense. Even so, life should be lived optimistically, even when it’s not. That’s how I decided to start the Jewish New Year- with rose colored glasses perched on top of my nose.  Reality may bring other surprises, but as they say, at […]

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Shakshuka with feta and smoky eggplant

Thumbnail image for Shakshuka with feta and smoky eggplant September 20, 2014

Shakshuka. It’s not fussy. The details don’t matter, nor the total focus of the cook. A glug or two of olive oil, a couple of tomatoes simmered into softness- canned will do in a cinch- and eggs. That’s really all you need. Or, if the pantry or mood allows, embellishments are added. Cumin, onions, garlic, […]

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Stress eating

Thumbnail image for Stress eating August 30, 2014

{Echinops in the Golan Heights, Israel} Air raid sirens send me in a panic. This summer we had many of them. Aside from that life goes on as usual- work, home and the daily routine- with a few changes to avoid being bombed. Until I acclimatized to the new danger level- like being perpetually at […]

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My limoncello tree

Thumbnail image for My limoncello tree June 22, 2014

It took a decade to make my first limoncello.  I started from scratch. First we planted a lemon tree.  Then we waited. After ten years I looked out the window at the fruit laden tree and thought to myself “I think I’ll make limoncello” I’d never really considered this before. Up until this year I bought […]

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A stop at a Druze village

Thumbnail image for A stop at a Druze village June 8, 2014

Man plans and God laughs If there’s one thing I’ve learnt-you never know what will happen tomorrow. Last Passover we were supposed to have hiked the first six days of the Israel trail, the only part I didn’t do. Instead I became a full time caregiver. In fact, between my husband’s startup (there’s a depressingly […]

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