Quark fritters

Thumbnail image for Quark fritters December 1, 2013

I once had an insane amount of free time. I didn’t realize it back then. I was too busy to notice. What was I doing? The usual amalgam of activities one does when there are three children in the house. In Hebrew there is an idiom for that- “Washing and hanging” the wash of course, […]

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Drinking pearls and orchids

Thumbnail image for Drinking pearls and orchids June 22, 2013

{Above: Sahlab made with cornstarch} There’s a fellow in town that runs a little black market business from the back of his scooter.  In summer he sells lemonade and in winter he offers cups of steaming velvety sahlab. When he spots the city inspector he removes the sign and speeds off to avoid fines. It’s […]

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Quark cheesecake

Thumbnail image for Quark cheesecake May 30, 2013

{Above: Krimml Falls, Austria, highest waterfall in the country} Ok, where was I? This week I’ve hiked in the Carmel Mountains, visited the Peace Island between Jordan and Israel, drank (way too much) beer in Munich and enjoyed a very snowy spring day in Austria. It was the type of mini-holiday which makes work and […]

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Diversify! A week of architecture and rice pudding

Thumbnail image for Diversify! A week of architecture and rice pudding May 12, 2013

  It’s been busy around here.  Suddenly I’ve been inundated with parent- teacher meetings, school activities and the usual taxi-mom rounds of judo, ninjutsu, math club and a scattering of gleefully loud birthday parties. And when I am home, I cook up a storm to try to keep up with my kid’s ridiculous and ill-timed […]

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Passover fail or when not to serve basbousa

Thumbnail image for Passover fail or when not to serve basbousa April 1, 2013

  “I made basbousa for dessert!” announced Sivan* happily. We were finishing the Passover Seder, a ritual meal commemorating the emancipation of the Israelites from Egypt. I looked up, perplexed. “It’s kosher for Passover”, she explained “It’s made with semolina but instead of flour I added a tablespoon potato starch”. That is the equivalent of saying […]

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