My limoncello tree

Thumbnail image for My limoncello tree June 22, 2014

It took a decade to make my first limoncello.  I started from scratch. First we planted a lemon tree.  Then we waited. After ten years I looked out the window at the fruit laden tree and thought to myself “I think I’ll make limoncello” I’d never really considered this before. Up until this year I bought […]

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Drinking pearls and orchids

Thumbnail image for Drinking pearls and orchids June 22, 2013

{Above: Sahlab made with cornstarch} There’s a fellow in town that runs a little black market business from the back of his scooter.  In summer he sells lemonade and in winter he offers cups of steaming velvety sahlab. When he spots the city inspector he removes the sign and speeds off to avoid fines. It’s […]

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A million petals

Thumbnail image for A million petals February 20, 2013

Between clouds and sun, the blossoms open. At first shyly. Their fairy wing petals cling to the branches, fragile, exposed. A solitary bee hovers over the flowers and flies away. Then, in a quiet cascade the landscape changes from winter to spring. The almond ushers in the new season with a sensual negligee of pink and white- […]

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Thumbnail image for Summer August 6, 2012

In these last few weeks, I have been trying to regain my kitchen motivation. In summer I opt for the minimalistic approach- simple ingredients that are quick to prepare along with frequent trips to the gelateria. Above all, I try to avoid using the oven as my air-conditioner already churns like a locomotive. But complaining […]

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Discovering falooda

Thumbnail image for Discovering falooda March 2, 2012

If a street vendor asked me two years ago “Hey, want a falooda?” I’d have no idea what they were talking about and might even think them audacious. What would you say if someone asked you? Now I know the answer is a hearty “Yes!”, especially during the slow burn of summer. My first encounter […]

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