A different kind of kibbeh

Thumbnail image for A different kind of kibbeh April 17, 2013

Red lentil kibbeh is the outlier of the Middle Eastern dumplings. It bears little resemblance to its name sake. Who bestowed it with such a prestigious title? What does it have in common with the sleek, crispy bulgur shells stuffed with cinnamon scented meat? Or the turmeric colored semolina patties simmering in aromatic vegetable soup? […]

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The dying mulberry tree

Thumbnail image for The dying mulberry tree February 14, 2013

In the adjacent lot there is a dying mulberry tree. It has been there since we moved in- forever in my boys’ eyes and it has rudely implanted itself into almost every memory of home. Last week I went to gather edible weeds from the wild patch that thrives in its shade.  Only my youngest […]

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Why going meatless is a great idea

Thumbnail image for Why going meatless is a great idea November 4, 2012

“Sustainable growth is an oxymoron” –Albert Allen Bartlett Eventually there won’t be enough food, water and natural resources to supply the burgeoning human population. Arable land will soon be more precious than oil. In some parts of the world it already is. Malthus predicted this more than two hundred years ago. Technological advancements in food […]

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Exploring Ethiopian food

Thumbnail image for Exploring Ethiopian food July 12, 2012

A year ago my son’s class organized a cultural night. Each child was asked to bring a dish that best represented their ethnic background. The parents went all out as they are wont to do in these situations. They came with steaming pots of kubbeh, jachnoon, baklava, stacks of ingera, hummus, Balkan pastries, hand-raked couscous, […]

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White beans, more popular than white bread

December 17, 2011

This is a true story. I learned to juggle from a book called “A Hundred Ways to Show off”. It included a trick to rip the Manhattan telephone book in half by placing it in the oven until crispy. Next to this was a serious dissertation of school yard poetry.  The cultural highlight was “Beans, […]

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