A tale of two markets

Thumbnail image for A tale of two markets April 5, 2014

A few weeks ago I went on a spontaneous mini holiday to Switzerland.  Like most leisure trips I go on- especially the last minute kind- I had almost nothing planned. I knew only two things- I would land in Zurich on Thursday night and on Friday morning at 9:00 sharp I’d meet Kerrin at the […]

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Tbilisi outdoor market

Thumbnail image for Tbilisi outdoor market March 11, 2014

The upside of not knowing the local language is that you never know where the taxi man is going to drop you off. We wanted to go to the Tbilisi outdoor market. Instead we ended up at the biggest, newest and shiniest supermarket in town. How else would I have discovered smoky cheese flavored potato […]

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A walk in Wadi Nisnas

Thumbnail image for A walk in Wadi Nisnas July 20, 2013

A year passed since we meandered through Wadi Nisnas on that hot humid day. I’ve gone on many walks since then- around the block with just enough money to buy milk at the neighborhood grocery store, treks across the country with heavy backpacks and dusty clothes. And most recently, as the temperatures rise, I stroll […]

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A day at Ramle Outdoor Market

Thumbnail image for A day at Ramle Outdoor Market May 17, 2013

Shopping for food these last few months has been boring. Most of my supplies come from the supermarket – the gigantic industrial Cosco variety, with airport sized aisles. It’s an impersonal environment with minimally paid workers who look like they’d rather be somewhere else. I can’t blame them.  I once worked behind the deli counter […]

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Mercado de Atarazanas, Malaga’s covered market

Thumbnail image for Mercado de Atarazanas, Malaga’s covered market November 19, 2012

A year has passed since my visit to Malaga.  I’d judiciously read the description of museums exhibitions and  looked through dozens of tourist pamphlets, but in time most of the details have been forgotten. This is partly because they are as riveting as Ikea instruction manuals-a stodgy run of facts devoid of character or humor. […]

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