People watching at Shuk Hanamal

Thumbnail image for People watching at Shuk Hanamal October 25, 2012

The Port Market or Shuk Hanamal is not your typical Israeli market. It’s air conditioned, clean and well organized. The hawkers don’t call out to potential customers through megaphones like highway patrol men. Nobody is haggling or shouting from across the aisles. It feels more like a marché than a Middle Eastern bazaar. Here French […]

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Discovering Jerusalem’s outdoor market with Shuk Bites

Thumbnail image for Discovering Jerusalem’s outdoor market with Shuk Bites August 17, 2012

Travel is as much a physical journey as one of discovery.  It can be a walk around the block or a trek to a remote mountain village. It is not about the distance but the frame of mind. Touring with a large group might be hassle free but at the cost of flexibility. A trip […]

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Bridging cultures through food in Nazareth

Thumbnail image for Bridging cultures through food in Nazareth July 30, 2012

What would I be cooking if I lived in Texas, Japan or Scotland instead of in the suburbs of Tel Aviv? Would I still be infatuated with Middle Eastern food or would I be cooking like the locals- chili, sushi or haggis, depending on where I was. There are those who assimilate and drop their food ways to embrace […]

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Aromas of Yemen

Thumbnail image for Aromas of Yemen April 24, 2012

A restaurant with no name where bowls of soup are served on Formica tabletops, a bakery tucked into the basement of a village home.  Yemen still exists in unlikely places. With oil stained shirts and hands dusted with of flour, the owners of these family businesses are keepers of tradition and a disappearing culture.  They […]

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Tel Aviv juice stand (photo essay)

December 3, 2011

These are pictures of a juice stand at the entrance to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv taken on a trip there last week with Yael Ruder.

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