Quark fritters

Thumbnail image for Quark fritters December 1, 2013

I once had an insane amount of free time. I didn’t realize it back then. I was too busy to notice. What was I doing? The usual amalgam of activities one does when there are three children in the house. In Hebrew there is an idiom for that- “Washing and hanging” the wash of course, […]

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Saj bread stuffed with nettle and feta cheese

Thumbnail image for Saj bread stuffed with nettle and feta cheese November 1, 2013

The first rain has fallen.  When it arrives, it’s remarkable enough that I stop whatever I’m doing and gaze outside in awe while my boys run past me to stand beneath the sky. It’s an Israeli version of Ray Bradbury’s story, All Summer in a Day, when the sun appears briefly across the Venus sky […]

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Yemenite hot sauce

Thumbnail image for Yemenite hot sauce October 24, 2013

Schoog (schug), the fiery hot sauce of the Yemeni Jews is no longer a culinary curiosity of a small ethnic group but part of Israel’s communal table.  This happened gradually, as Yemenite Jews began immigrating to the area in 1881, with the largest wave arriving during Operation Magic Carpet which brought nearly 500,000 Yemeni Jews […]

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The olive harvest

Thumbnail image for The olive harvest October 3, 2013

After the first rains of October or November, the olive harvest begins. It has been this way from antiquity- marking the transition between summer and autumn.  It is the time when the tight grip of summer finally relents and a cool breeze sweeps across the country. If left to take their natural course, the olives begin their […]

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Bulgarian style stuffed peppers

Thumbnail image for Bulgarian style stuffed peppers September 24, 2013

  A few weeks ago someone asked me “What’s your favorite cuisine”. Immediately I answered “Iraqi” quickly followed by “Turkish food is fantastic too and Greek food is wonderful but I really love Persian food and Lebanese I adore and….” While each of these regions boasts a unique food culture, there is a link between […]

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