A Galilean feast

Thumbnail image for A Galilean feast March 21, 2014

There’s an exuberant potager’s garden surrounding Erez’s Komarovsky’s Galilean cooking school, the lush vegetation tumbling over the rocky borders. As I make my way down the stone path I recognize za’atar, rosemary, white savory, thyme, lavender….herbs used in folk medicine and to flavor regional cuisine. These are the same plants Erez uses in the food […]

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Tbilisi outdoor market

Thumbnail image for Tbilisi outdoor market March 11, 2014

The upside of not knowing the local language is that you never know where the taxi man is going to drop you off. We wanted to go to the Tbilisi outdoor market. Instead we ended up at the biggest, newest and shiniest supermarket in town. How else would I have discovered smoky cheese flavored potato […]

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Tea time

Thumbnail image for Tea time March 1, 2014

We are renovating our house with all the mayhem that comes with it. It’s indulgent to whine about it since being able to fix the house in the first place is a rather good position to be in. So I remind myself that it’s temporary- the thick layer silt over everything, the noise, even the […]

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Vin chaud on a cold cold day

Thumbnail image for Vin chaud on a cold cold day December 13, 2013

It’s vin chaud weather for sure, even in Israel. Two weeks ago I strolled barefoot on the beach and today angry fists full of hail are pounding Tel Aviv while snow covers Jerusalem. I’m freezing. Although Israel usually doesn’t get as cold as it does in Europe, the houses here are as cozy as tin […]

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Quark fritters

Thumbnail image for Quark fritters December 1, 2013

I once had an insane amount of free time. I didn’t realize it back then. I was too busy to notice. What was I doing? The usual amalgam of activities one does when there are three children in the house. In Hebrew there is an idiom for that- “Washing and hanging” the wash of course, […]

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